Rularia is a networking conference game where each player makes up their own rule and rewards others who follow it.

At the start of the conference, every player chooses a badge with a symbol on it out of ten different symbols and receives ten stickers with the same symbol. Inspired by the type of symbol they chose, they think of a game rule that they would like others to follow for the day. It can be something that they would like to see more of in themselves or others, or help them reach a goal they set for the day.

For example:

  • Hold open the door for someone else.
  • Show genuine interest in me.
  • Inspire me with a success story of yourself.
  • Help me reach my target of ten prospective clients for my business.

When someone is following their rule, on purpose or coincidental, they reward that person with a sticker of their symbol. Collect all ten symbols on your badge, find someone else who has all ten and redeem them at the bar for a free networking drink!

This game is a simple yet powerful way to spice up any event with playfulness, positivity and a great networking tool.

Rularia is available for your event! Contact me for details.
Rularia has been played on E-Motive day 2015, organised by Movisie and Oxfam Novib.

Concept and gamedesign: Joël Vegt and Rosa Frabsnap
Visual design: Joël Vegt
Aftermovie: Roland Volbeda