I design interactive experiences

They are transmedia, pervasive, immersive, theatrical, online, low-tech, entertainment and/or socially engaged.

I call myself a social experience designer. I design interaction between people. By thinking in systems, game principles and many blocks with arrows between them. Flowcharts. In my projects I use internet, actors, phones, stickers, signs, Photoshop and other things.

To turn the world more social, happier and playful. I believe in the non-hierarchical network society. In approaching strangers as old friends and the power of a hug over formalities and distancing politeness. Connected people care more.

If you are in the same field as I am, here are a few keywords to describe the projects I love doing: Transmedia storytelling, pervasive design, (Alternate) Reality Games, interactive theatre and urban games.

Awards & publications

Hot 100 2013
One of the most talented graduates of 2013 in emergent culture in The Netherlands.
Publication (In Dutch)
Information about the Hot100 (in Dutch)

Gouden Struis 2013
Best marketing campaign for performative arts in the Netlerlands, for the project Breaking the News commissioned by Dutch theatre company Orkater. Made during internship at Spektor.
Press release (in Dutch)
Information about the project (in Dutch)

For me these things are important in a project

  • Social

    Strangers are indifferent, acquaintances acknowledge, connected people care and deeply emphatic people love. There are a lot of people to get to know.

  • Interaction

    Interaction with the project and where possible with each other. In today’s society you can always start a dialogue and get involved. Life isn’t something you passively consume, just some forms of media are. Active participants are the key to action.

  • Real life

    I like escapism, but I love some ideals behind gamification even more. I think real life should not be escaped from, it should be made better. By adding badges and facebook medals game principles, playfulness and imagination.

  • Experience

    I want people to experience great adventures. They should feel immersed as the hero in their own movie, feeling like they got their own Truman Show, or The Game. In a good way.
    What kind of tools are used, which platforms, which media , are not important. The effect is.

Feel free to contact me for commissions, collaborations or just a chat

  • Phone: (+31) 630924386
  • E-mail: joel [a] joelvegt.com
  • Or contact me on socia media, the links are at the top and bottom of the page.