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Greeting Gurus


Meet new people in surprising and fun ways, break social barriers and win prizes. Greeting Gurus is a simple social game that can be played at any festival, congress or other social gathering.

Created together with: Semma Polak (www.semmapolak.com)

How the game works

1. Volunteers are wearing a nametag with a Greeting Guru symbol on it and instructions on how to greet the person. This could be by playing air guitar with them, petting them, with an animal sound by winking at them or in one of the other unusual ways.

2. When you greet them in the appropriate way, they will greet you back and give you a Guru Receipt with the symbol on it.

3. Exchange a right combination of different Guru Receipts at the Guru Temple and get initiated as an official Greeting Guru. And get an awesome prize.

How the game is prepared

Together with the event organisers, the prizes are determined. These will be promoted together with the rules of the game in the program of the event and on posters spread throughout the location. The volunteers are instructed beforehand, pick a name tag and receive their Guru Receipts. A more or less central spot is picked for the Guru Temple. This is where the Greeting Gurus can answer all questions about the game and hand out the prizes.

Variations of the game

This game can easily be adjusted to any event or venue. It can be played without volunteers, with only players wearing nametags.

Played at

This game was a huge success at Happy Chaos’ Festival of Vervreemding in the Amsterdam City Theatre, on May 11, 2013.