This is a collection of work that is part of my Knoezels storyworld.

Knoezels are a kind of creature that has yet to be discovered. I’m in the process of doing so.

They are monkey like tiny creatures that are about as intelligent as a toddler. They learn very quickly. Only living in the highlands of central Asia, no human has seen them. Yet. They will be discovered by a Dutch biologist named Johan Dekkers. He will find out that the Knoezels are the missing link between people and elves. In fact, they are the origin of all the legends about gnomes and elves.

October 2013:
Currently I am developing the concept for an interactive theatre play for families about the Knoezels. Together with Sybren Bos, Simon Haazen and Iris Stam. We plan on playing it in museums throughout the Netherlands.

I’m exploring what the Knoezels look like. Below you can see some concept art and feel free to visit my inspiration blog at

First knoezel concept Albino knoezel