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On the Trail

A mail order murder mystery game that you can play with friends on a stormy evening. Solve a very realistic cold case murder file from 1967 based on a real unsolved murder.

Collective Consciousness 2.0

An interactive experience where participants experience telepathy and melting their minds together into one big organism. We’re aiming at touring festivals in the Netherlands coming spring and summer.

Escape room

I’m conceiving a real life Escape Room game. Let yourself be locked in a room with a couple of friends and try to escape within an hour by solving puzzles. Currently the rage all over the world.


Complicoins are Euro coins turned into generous compliments. Give them away to people you find good, generous, kind, helpful or wise and that you believe deserve a heartfelt compliment and a little encouragement.

Greeting Gurus

Meet new people in surprising and fun ways, break social barriers and win prizes. Greeting Gurus is a simple social game that can be played at any festival, congress or other social gathering.

The List

visit the project: Graduation project 2013 I am looking for partners for this project. Do you want to get involved in any way? Please contact me. I’m specifically looking for people with knowlegde in: Programming: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, app development. Social media (Facebook) integration. Bussiness opportunities, development deals, promotion Taken from the website: The List […]


A new urban sport in which the players act solely as supporters. They have to motivate passers-by to kick the ball in the opponents goal. This is a funny, simple social game that has to be played in public space. Passers-by get to be the players and the players get to be the supporters. The […]


Project Lens is an urban game for two players. Using simple technology, ones fate is put in the hands of the other. They have to work closesly together to difuse the bomb. One of them is blindfolded, and has a camera on his head. The other sees the live feed of the camera on a […]

Voorbij de Poort

Voorbij de Poort is an interactive play in a museum for families. The children get split up from their parents for their own tour, when suddenly the parents go missing. They’re trapped in the statues and paintings in the museum! It’s up to the children to find out what happened and rescue their parents. Maybe […]

De Kapel

  De Kapel, Dutch for ‘The Chapel’, is a participatory theatre play in which the audience takes on the roles of different parties in a fictional rehabilitation centre. This fictional rehabilitation centre is disguised as a pitoresque village within the canals of a fortified island. Antisocial members of society that are a burden to their […]

Signal Lost

A live action game in which teenagers have to rescue two kidnapped youngsters by locating pieces of a satellite that crashed in their neighbourhood. Graduation project 2012 Project websites Description On a normal day in December, two youngsters got kidnapped out of two highschool cantinas in Leidsche Rijn, a new neighbourhood in Utrecht, […]